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Why People-Pleasing Keeps You "Stuck" and How to Heal

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

If you find yourself feeling drained and consistently getting hurt in your relationships, chances are you might be in an unhealthy connection and you are just TOO F***ING NICE to do anything about it.

Your tendency to people-please is burning out your energy and confidence every day. It's time to re-evaluate things...

People-pleasing is such a common trait of the Unhealed Empath, but also one of the most powerful shadow aspects of ourselves that we can grow from! Once we step into this part of ourselves and start to integrate it, we can experience a deeper level of peace, confidence, and stability within ourselves that we never knew existed!

It is all about discovering our true power and taking action from that space!

People-pleasing is often the reason we get trapped into unhealthy relationships or toxic dynamics with others in our lives. It can even be why we attract certain types of people because we emit a resonance through our energy field on a subconscious level that lets others know we are easy prey!

If we want to start changing the people pleaser's dynamic, we have to look at ourselves first and decide how to take our power back (even though it technically never left us in the first place and we only forgot how to use it).

But where do we start?