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I am your personal spiritual coach who will guide you on your journey through self-discovery, growth, and empowerment! As a Certified Spiritual Coach, I assist you in becoming your most authentic self and creating a life that is in alignment with your desires. 

Through my Coaching Programs, you will become a higher version of yourself. You will learn to heal and change your life from within. You will make choices that empower you and learn to trust your inner guidance! You will find lasting peace, joy, and inner strength as a result of our work together!


I am also your mentor in developing your unique Spiritual Gifts and bringing them out into the world! 
Through my personal experiences and over many years of developing my gifts as an Energy Healer, Intuitive, and Psychic Medium I am able to bring a lot to my 1:1 sessions. Many of my clients are highly sensitive individuals who struggle to navigate the energies and emotions of those around them. What many don't know is that they have spiritual gifts that they have not yet developed or learned to manage.

You will learn to develop your Psychic/Intuitive senses, use the Tarot as a divination tool, explore your Mediumship abilities, and become a Spiritual Teacher!

You will also learn the ins and outs of creating a successful Spiritual Business!

You will learn how to develop your unique intuitive and healing abilities to serve the world around you. Become the HEALER that you were always meant to be! As you develop, you will grow from within while deepening and strengthening your spiritual abilities.


I am here to guide you into your authentic self, help you shift your energy, and take inspired action toward your soul's calling! Create the life that in aligns with your truest self!

What you receive during my 30 and 90-day coaching programs:

  • Weekly 90-minute coaching sessions

  • Ongoing access to me

  • A set of personalized spiritual transformational tools

  • Crisis support

  • Intuitive Consultations

  • Energy Healing

  • Guided Meditations

30 Day Coaching


Amber C.

Jesse is present, attentive, caring and an open/clear channel. What I love most about working with
Jesse is that he helps lead me back home, to myself.


Tina M.

After three weeks I feel more alive, more open and more joyful; and I am confident that this joy
will give me the lasting boost I need to find my deeper purpose.


Craig P.

Jesse helped me understand my deepest truths and lead me to living my most authentic life. He helped me face my fears while feeling supported all at the same time. Amazing!


Work with me 1:1 as your personal Mentor as I guide you through developing and sharing your gifts with the world so you can be the Healer and Helper that you are meant to be in the world! Whether you are interested in development in Energy Healing, Psychic Mediumship, or Coaching Start serving your community and get paid to do your Soul's Work!

What you will receive in my 30 and 90-day mentoriship programs:

  • Weekly 90-minute Mentoring Sessions

  • Ongoing Access to me between sessions

  • Years of experience as an Energy Healer, Psychic-Medium, Spiritual Coach, and Entrepreneur

  • Intuitive & Energetic Development Tools

  • Business Coaching Tools/Strategies

90 Day Coaching
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