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M E E T   J E S S E  P R E J E A N

Spiritual Coach, Teacher, Psychic Medium

About Jesse:


Originally from Louisiana, I moved to Austin, Texas in 2009.  I had always been an incredibly sensitive person when it came to most things in life. I was sensitive to the energies and emotions of others and environments. I also intuitively knew early on that there was more to life than meets the eye. It wasn’t until I got older that the importance of this came together. 

My sensitivity began to get the best of me as I got older and felt more and more out of place in the world. I masked my sensitive nature by developing unhealthy coping mechanisms just to feel “normal”. I struggled with chemical dependency and alcoholism in my 20’s and sought out very unhealthy co-dependent relationships.

After almost a decade of battling these shadows, I decided to take the path of healing. As I began my healing process, I started to have very strong experiences with spiritual energy. My sensitivity had returned in a whole new way, and I just knew an important part of my life was to walk a Spiritual Path of Healing. Since then, I learned a variety of techniques in the healing arts such as Reiki Energy Healing, Mediumship, Past Life Regression, Medical Intuition, and Psychic Development.

As my healing journey goes on, I continue to accumulate a great deal of spiritual growth and have picked up many self-mastery practices. Having eventually become a Spiritual Coach & Mentor, it has become my passion to support others on their journey toward healing.

I use many healing methods to support my coaching clients, among which are trauma healing, somatic experiencing, inner child work, intuitive healing techniques, and energy mastery.


Certifications & Trainings:

Certified Spiritual Coach - Michelle Barr

Chikara Reiki Do - Master/Teacher

Seichim/Reiki - Master/Teacher

Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Sciences - Alumni

Ordained Minister - ULCM

Medical Intuitive Certified - Tina Zion

Certified Energy Healing Practitioner - AOEH

Reiki Hospice Volunteer

C O N T A C T  M E  F O R  A  C O N S U L T A T I O N 

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