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Reiki is an ancient healing technique that activates the natural healing process of the body and restore physical and emotional well-being. Seichim (a.k.a. Sekhem) is an Egyptian modality of energy healing that focuses on bringing balance to the Divine Masculine & Feminine while providing a grounding focus.

During a this session you will experience a deep healing aligning the natural source of energy of the universe with all four pillars of the body; physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. 


Reiki/Seichim is a beautiful way to travel deep into the seat of your subconscious, releasing any blockages in the subtle body, suppressed emotions, anxiety and stress, and anything else that no longer serves you and your higher self. Connect to your mind, body and soul, as one. 

Energy Healing


Intuitive Readings

These sessions will help you get to the core energy of struggles in your life. Jesse will use a variety of Intuitive Healing techniques to guide you into healing and resolving what is in the way. Some of his techniques include Energy Clearing, Cord Removal, Trauma Release, Somatic Experiencing, and Inner Child Work.


Through these sessions, you will gain deeper insights into unhealed patterns, create space to resolve them, and feel more empowered to grow on a Spiritual level.

Jesse will also provide you with tools to support your ongoing healing post session.

Get Help With:

  • Trauma Healing

  • Releasing Trapped Energy

  • Overcoming Obstacles

  • Physical Pain/Ailments

  • Healing Your Past

  • Getting Unstuck



Using the Tarot as a guide, Jesse is able to help you to understand the layers of situations in your life that are causing you to feel stuck and lacking direction. He helps you to achieve clarity around these situations while helping you create optimal outcomes for your highest good.

These readings are great for receiving answers and direction within your relationships, career, finances, and spiritual growth.




Jesse is an Evidential Medium and he assists you in building connections to your loved ones who have crossed over into Spirit. He is able to receive information about the lives of those in the Spirit world and is able to bring their presence though these sessions.

Your loved ones in Spirit are always supporting your journey and often show up in your life through signs, symbols, and unique experiences.


Jesse is able to help validate the presence of your loved ones in Spirit and provide loving messages from that will help you find peace, closure, and a deeper understanding of their role in your life.

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