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Why Empaths Make Great Mediums!

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

"As I recognized my Mediumship abilities and chose to develop them, I realized a BIGGER part of my purpose as an Empath in this world"

-Jesse Prejean

Growing up as an Empath always had its challenges and it still does at times to be honest. For the longest time I had no Idea that I was taking on the emotions and energies of other people. When the awareness of this finally arrived in my late 20’s I had mixed feelings about it. My thoughts were “What the hell is the purpose of this?”, “Can’t I just be normal?”, and “How do I stop myself from being so sensitive and empathic?”. Little did I know that years later I would realize that being an Empath was the core of my purpose and passion in life.

I began delving into metaphysics to gain answers to all the questions that I had about my situation. My first pursuit was studying Usui Reiki and learning about it from various teachers. Energy Healing seemed to be my strong suit and with my empathic skills, I was able to experience things deeply during sessions and provide my clients with great results! I could see and feel various types of beings that were helping the healing process and the energies that I felt were incredibly tangible and even intense at times.

Over the years, I slowly but surely learned to develop my empathic skills in so that I was not always overwhelmed in my sensitivity. The more I practiced Energy Work, the less I felt it as strongly, but was told that this was a normal occurrence as we grow in the practice. We get used to the energy.

I continued to see clients for Reiki and Energy Healing Sessions for many years as I continued my personal spiritual journey.

Around the summer of 2016, I had a client come in for a 60 min Reiki treatment. During our session, I kept feeling the spirit of a young child in the room with us, but nothing was physically there to give proof. My self-doubt told me that I was making it up, but my intuitive side felt that it was real and important. After the session, I mentioned to my client that I had felt a young child in the room who told me his age and gave me the impression that they had once been the son of my client. She seemed quite astonished and validated to me that she had lost a child and would have been that exact age if he were still alive. I could not believe it myself! What just happened? Did I just experience and communicate with a deceased spirit? Apparently so! That was my very first Mediumship experience.

Having had this experience I knew that I needed to work on this ability since it was showing up for me in such a BIG way!

There was an amazing Psychic Medium in my life at the time who happened to be teaching a beginners course on Mediumship at the same time I am having these experiences. Talk about a sign from Spirit!! I immediately jumped on the opportunity and enrolled in the class! It was such an amazing experience for me and this is where I realized that my sensitivity as an Empath was ideal for developing as a Medium!

As I recognized my Mediumship abilities and chose to develop them, I realized a BIGGER part of my purpose as an Empath in this world.

Here is why we make great Mediums -

Empaths are so sensitive to the realm of feelings and emotions. We have our Clairsentient abilities turned on and wide-open when we come into this world. We grew up feeling the emotions of others, feeling the energy in our environment, and feeling our own emotions in such a deep way.

This is exactly what great Mediums do, but with energies who have crossed over into the spiritual plane!!

The best Mediums have that level of sensitivity to be able to FEEL what Spirit feels, what emotions they are wanting to convey, how their personality "felt" when they were on the Earth plane, and even how they experienced certain relationships in their previous life!

We are able to finely tune ourselves into an energy that is SO subtle. Something Empaths are naturally gifted at! Empaths are the best Clairsentient Psychics which is one of the most needed abilities used in developing as a good Medium.

The deeper I go into my development as a Medium and Intuitive, the stronger I become as an Empath. The practice of Evidential Mediumship gives me methodology and tools to manage my energy when I work with Spirit which translates to other aspects of my life.

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