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Benefits of Nature as a Highly Sensitive Person

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), I find great necessity in spending time alone to reset and recharge from the overwhelm of the modern world. If you are an Empath, Sensitive, or Intuitive, then you already know how taxing it can be to constantly be around people and probably relate to needing more time alone than most people.

Sometimes, even though I get plenty of “me time” at home, in the park, or on solo drives/ walks it just isn’t enough. There are times when I need to actually get away and I don’t mean going on a beach vacation with friends or doing the touristy thing in a new city. I mean really getting away from the stimulations and the energies that we are constantly surrounded by and bombarded with on a daily basis to find deep rest in a place where we can feel nurtured as we restore ourselves.

That place of course is Nature and our sacred mother, Mother Earth!

There is truly something unique about allowing ourselves to really imbue the splendor of mother nature and all of the gifts that she has to offer. The ability she has to make us feel a sense of organic connection and harmony. She is already one with all that is and holds that space for us to re-establish that oneness within ourselves.

Empaths and Sensitives can genuinely thrive from the nurturing qualities that nature provides. It helps us to access a direct path to the soul by helping us clear out the clutter that we pick up in our daily lives. It helps us create space from the people and circumstances that overwhelm us so that we can find solutions from within.

So, as I am rambling about my depth of how I feel being out in nature, I recognize maybe not everyone feels this, but hey if you give it a try you might!

Now when I mean being out in nature, I mean really BEING OUT IN NATURE! I don’t mean book a luxury cabin out in the woods with a bunch of friends (even though that is also a great time). What I mean is to get as primitive as you can (feeling safe of course) and go it alone. Tent, firewood, lantern, propane burner, fruit, trail mix, etc. Create a space where you can really build yourself into the natural beauty that is already there and just be a visitor taking refuge.

Here are some basic guidelines to get the most out of your time in nature:

  1. Make sure there is NO phone service. If there is, get rid of your phone!

  2. Don’t make plans, just go with the flow.

  3. Take time to just rest and do absolutely nothing.

  4. Be open to new experiences.

  5. Go explore!

To reiterate, if you are an HSP, Intuitive, or Empath and are going through a lot and need time to recharge your delicate batteries, then get yourself outside for a couple of days and embrace the healing that mother earth has to offer! Taking the time and space where you can feel deeply connected to nature is incredibly nourishing to the body, mind, and spirit. You won’t regret it!

You will leave feeling:

  1. Cleared of negative energy/influence.

  2. Recharged with natural energy.

  3. Balanced mentally/emotionally.

  4. Physically relaxed and restored.

  5. Reconnected to your essence.

What are you waiting for? Book a trip and make sure you have something healing to look forward to!

If you need more inspiration, here is a picture of me on a trip I took to Mt. Shasta, California - the Root Chakra of planet Earth. This is a place you won't regret visiting!

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