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7 Tips to Manage Your Energy

Your Energy is Everything and finding ways to work with your energetic state can really help improve the quality of your life and help you to move with a bit more grace and ease! Whether you are choosing to make changes in your life such as starting a business or things that seem to be coming at you that are not in your control, it is really important to have some solid tools to help you along the journey.

I know sometimes you can get stuck when it comes to figuring out the next steps in life or even what you should be eating for dinner ;) It can also be hard to process things that are happening to you and find helpful ways to cope. Trust me, you are not alone.

Life doesn't ever slow down and as you know, the only reliable constant is CHANGE! Whether that change is something you are choosing, or life is serving up to you, things can get a bit overwhelming. The one thing you do have the ability to control and work on during life changes and challenges is your energy!

If you are like me, Empathic and Highly Sensitive, overwhelm can show up frequently and even take you out of your flow without warning. What is amazing about being sensitive and developing more awareness of your sensitivity is that you can use this as your Empowered Gift which can help you move through challenging times.

Here is a list that I compiled of 7 Energy Management Tips to assist you anytime/anywhere and especially when life gets tough:

  1. Staying Energetically Vigilant - Start to cultivate awareness of your energetic state as you go about your day. Watch your thoughts, beliefs, actions, and emotions with objectivity and be aware of what you are identifying with. Don't allow yourself to take on negative thoughts so easily and allow negative emotions to move through you without getting "stuck in the muck". Tip: Learn a mindfulness practice such as meditation to help you create more objectivity of your inner workings. Connecting more with your body and energy field will help too! Check out my guided meditation album to start your mindfulness journey: Spotify – Jesse Prejean

  2. Clearing Confusion & Improving Clarity - When you find yourself feeling stuck in life situations or just not sure what the next right step to take is, this is a perfect time to tune in to your energy and ask questions! Tip: Give yourself a moment to pause and bring your attention inward as you connect to yourself in a meaningful way. Connect with your heart and ask yourself "what do I need right now?" or "what is the next right step for me to take?". Allow the answer to arise and trust the first message that comes up from within you!

  3. Grieving Your Former Self - As you grow and evolve, you may notice that you are no longer the same person. Your interests change, your friends change, and what you think and feel begins to change. It's ok to allow yourself to feel the loss of what was and who you once were. Actually, this can be a powerful shift for you to move on with your life and grow. Much like grieving the loss of a loved one, it is important to acknowledge and release your former self. Tip: Take the time to feel sad and experience the sense of loss. Perhaps you hold a small ceremony or do something symbolic to honor your former self. Letting go is an important part of your evolution.

  4. Stop Taking on Another's Energy - As Empathic and Sensitive souls, one of the most common challenges is how to deal with taking on and internalizing another person's energy. It's natural to want to help others, but sometimes this act of kindness works against you. When you notice that you may have taken on someone else's energy that is not serving you, take a moment to pause. Tip: Get centered in yourself by taking a few deep breaths. Then say to yourself or aloud: "If this energy is not mine, return to its source and if this energy is mine, help me learn and grow from it." By doing this, you can start to create more discernment between your own energy and that of others! The more you practice this, the more you can stop yourself from taking on energy in the first place.

  5. Making Intuitive Decisions - Life is all about making choices and sometimes in the moment. Making tough decisions can keep you feeling at a crossroads. {Tarot: 2 of Swords Energy} Your mind may be pulled in a variety of directions with no clear way to move forward, but being able to make the right choice for yourself in the moment is much easier than you think. In fact, you don't have to think so much because you will learn to FEEL into the choices. Tip: Connect with your body by closing your eyes and taking a deep breath. Tune into your energy and just notice how you feel without judgment. Then consider the choices that you plan to make and notice how they feel in your body. Visualize yourself doing the things. Do you feel expansive about one and contracted about another? When you feel expansive about an option, you will know it's the right choice for you!

  6. Shifting Nervous Energy into JOY - Doing BIG things in your life can bring up a lot of emotions even if it's something we are wanting! Let's say you are buying a new car and the thought of spending the money makes you feel nervous or fearful. How about stepping in front of a crowd of people to give your first Ted Talk? Your nerves start to shake, and your stomach flutters a bit. What if you could turn that nervous energy into joy and passion? Try this next time you find yourself in this situation. Tip: Tune into the nervousness in your body (you may generally feel it in the gut or low abdomen) and become aware of this energy. Start to bring your attention closer to the feelings here and allow space for a shift to happen. Recognize that there is actually more excitement in this space as you feel an expansion happening and let that JOY arise!

  7. Less Stress & More Flow - Life is hard enough sometimes and feeling like you are always fighting and resisting things will deplete your energy and create frustration. Doesn't it feel better when you can take things in stride and "go with the flow"? When you find yourself in a struggle with the way things are, just do this instead. Tip: Bring your attention to the crown of your head and take a moment to center. Imagine that you have a funnel on the top of your head with the wider end opening up to the sky above you. Take a moment to visualize a golden liquid light coming from the sun as it pours into this funnel and enters your body. See the liquid light filling up your entire body for a moment. Give yourself a few minutes to enjoy the relaxing feeling that the golden light brings. Once you feel complete, you can go about your day with more ease and flow!

I hope that you enjoy these tips and remember to include them in your Spiritual Toolbox for when you need them!

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