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The Power of Meditation

Learning meditation and building a consistent practice can be a life changing experience. As you dive deep into your Spirit, you can begin to reveal more about your true nature while bringing more mindfulness into your life!

Buddha Statue

Meditation has been one of my favorite tools in personal and spiritual development. For me, I took to meditation like a duck to water. It felt so natural, and I intuitively knew this practice would help me. The first several times that I sat in meditation, I felt so many emotions and had lots of racing thoughts. In fact, I still do sometimes. As I gradually built a regular practice, I began to see layers of myself that had gone unnoticed for most of my life. Through meditation, I learned how to lean into discomfort, see my inner workings through a different lens, and explore layers of my own healing process.

Now, most people I meet struggle with meditation for many reasons. I hear people often say: "I can't sit still" or "I can't turn off my mind". Meditation is a practice and something you develop over time - if you can't sit still then starting meditation is exactly what you may need. It is also not about controlling your thoughts or learning to turn off the mind, but rather becoming the observer of all things happening within you. As you learn to not take your thoughts and emotions so seriously, you can begin to create more space within yourself and find peace.


There are many types of meditation as well. The best place to begin is by learning a Vipassana or focus technique. Perhaps using the breath as a point of focus. Meditation can also be a powerful tool in healing oneself through guided imagery and energy work.

In 2021, I created an album of Guided Meditations to support you on your own journey towards wellness and healing. These are all meditations and exercises that have helped me immensely in my own healing and development as an intuitive healer.

I invite you to take the Journey to the Healer Within!

Journey to the
Healer Within

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